Synthetic Reality

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Synthetic Reality inventive design; is a small design consultancy generating in house design solutions for private and corporate clients. 


  2D Design Graphics and Branding
Design by Humans

Synthetic Reality has created a new shop (Synthetic) for T-Shirts, Mugs and Art Prints


FAB all things

Synthetic Reality partnered with FAB All Things in Dublin to examine and develop ideas for fabrication. .



Chainmail - Nylon

New iPhone cover in the FAB all things shop.  Other versions coming soon.


Baubles - Nylon

Baubles was inspired by geometry that is both  ancient and modern.  The interlocking spheres are designed to catch and reflect light in two distinct ways depending on which side the piece is seen.


Cyclical Braking Patent

Cyclical Automatic Braking System for Bicycles 



Victorinox 2014 campaign


Le Modulor


Victorinox 2014 campaign



  LOQI Bag